Arrival/Departure times: You may check in from 2pm on the touring fields and from 4pm in Static Caravans. All pitches/caravans must be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure unless by prior arrangement – a surcharge will apply/subject to availability.

Please read online directions and the best postcode for a satnav is usually BN27 2RH.

We are on the corner of Hailsham / Polegate and therefore our address is slightly confusing. We recommend that you stick to the B2104 when towing vehicles and you will find us on B2104 between The World of Water and Hilliers Garden Centre. Access to Peel House Farm is not in Sayerland Lane and Peel House (corner house with a white balcony) is not part of our property or business, so please avoid. Thank you for your consideration.

The Main Gate is Locked between 11pm – 8am Access: The entrance barrier will be locked between the hours of 11pm and 8am allowing pedestrian access only. Limited parking is available outside the main entrance, but vehicles parked here must vacate by 8am the following morning and all vehicles are left at owner’s risk.

The gate number must not be given to third parties under any circumstances including visitors and especially children. It is also essential that vehicles do not follow you in so please be vigilant at all time. Parking: we have limited parking available and ask that all customers and guests respect the 1 car per pitch rule always. Driving Speed: For the safety of park users – a strict 5mph speed restriction applies throughout the park. All manoeuvring of large vehicles must be supervised by an additional adult, please ask a member of staff for help if necessary.

Fires: Open fires are not permitted. Barbeques and Fire Pits are allowed only if kept off the grass (bricks are available, but must be returned), please follow safety procedures. BBQ’s must be disposed of in the designated area, check with a member of staff if you are unsure where this is. Please do remember, no open fires are permitted.

Rubbish/Recycling: Rubbish must be broken down and disposed of in the bins provided. Rubbish must not be disposed of in the field boundaries. Large items MUST ALWAYS be taken home with you (strictly no chairs, inflatables, beds, electrical or packaging of such).

Rental Customers: are asked to leave holiday homes and contents tidy and clean when vacating. All kitchen equipment and utensils must be clean and be put away. All damages or breakages of fittings, utensils, crockery, cutlery etc. must be reported to Reception and will be charged accordingly. A £50 cash deposit should be paid on arrival for damage and breakages which will be returned to you on your departure providing all is in order and left clean and tidy.

Ball Games: No ball games (football, cricket, tennis etc.) are allowed in the main camping/static fields. Please feel free to use the meadow for recreational purpose but remember to respect others and keep away from the campers please.  Children under the age of 18 – children must not be allowed to play in or around the facilities block or in the park entrance – we stress that children must be supervised always. All children must dismount from their bicycles once reaching the hedge by the facilities block and bikes stored safely in the designated area. The play equipment is for children under the age of 12. Children must NOT be given the gate number under any circumstances.

NO DOGS TO BE WALKED IN THE MEADOW.  Dogs: are welcome with responsible owners that stick to the rules. All dogs must be kept on a lead (under 1.8mtrs), accompanied by an adult and kept under control always whilst on the site as not to be threatening in anyway. Dogs must be kept well away from other vehicles and canvas. Children must not walk dogs on their own under any circumstances. Strictly no dangerous breeds are allowed. Dogs should be exercised off site preferably along the Cuckoo Trail (routes available) and any dog mess must be cleared up immediately in a suitable bag and disposed of in a bin. Guests must not use the meadow to walk dogs under any circumstances.

Water: No paddling pools, no washing of caravans/cars or any other excessive water usage permitted. Strictly no hose pipes to be used.

Keep our waterways and ground clean. The use of chemicals harmful to health and environment are not permitted at Peel House Farm. Not only are they harmful to humans, dogs and local wildlife they cause lasting damage to the environment. Slug pellets, weed killers and harsh cleaning fluids can pose a real threat, this is evident in the decline of hedgehogs, small animals, frogs, toads and newts (to mention a few). Alternative natural methods can be found with a little research – simple actions such as purchasing plants that don’t attract slugs and by using more natural deterrents like egg shells or ashes at the base of plants can be very successful to ward off slugs. Therefore, we ask you politely to respect our values and refrain from using slug pellets, weed killers and any harsh chemically based detergents, which can also cause harm in the natural organic process of water cleaning in the sewage plant.

Bicycles: Riding bicycles is not permitted between caravans; please ensure that you and your children dismount before facilities block. Motors: The use of mini Quad-bikes, motorized bikes and scooters is strictly forbidden.

Noise: Please respect other people’s right to peace and quiet always, especially 11pm – 8am. No generators are allowed. Music & Damage & Nuisance: We will not tolerate the causing of any damage or the creating of annoyance to customers on site. Anyone causing a nuisance should be reported to reception, and we will endeavour to resolve the problem peacefully. Persons continually causing a nuisance to others will be evicted from the site without a refund as we do not tolerate any antisocial behaviour. Please note that all damages must be paid for. It is our aim to promote a family friendly environment and therefore the use of illegal substances and excessive alcohol are forbidden. No smoking is permitted in public areas. Trading is strictly forbidden in the park other than by those authorized to do so by the management.

Strictly no commercial vans/trucks sign written or not

Strictly no single sex groups (Hen & Stag Parties)

Strictly no works must be carried out on site. No clothes lines are permitted throughout the Park.

Day Visitors: We welcome visitors but restrict this to one car per pitch (see additional charges). Please note that at times we may need to restrict the number of visitors on site. All visitors must pay on arrival and park in the visitor parking bays at reception. All visitors must vacate by 6pm. Under no circumstances are visitor dogs allowed on site.

Please Note: Peel House Farm Caravan Park and facilities are available for your use and enjoyment at your own risk. We will not accept any liability for loss and/or damage caused to equipment, personal possession/property/vehicles or personal injury. These rules have been put in place for your own safety and security and to ensure that all customers have an enjoyable stay, therefore we ask that all our customers and guests respect them.

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